Nutritional Requirements During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there is an increase of almost all the nutrient requirements with respect to a woman of the same age, at a variable rate which fluctuates between 0 and 50%. During pregnancy, you need an extra supply of iron, calcium, protein and folic acid. What is its function? And where can we find them? Iron: Its most important function is the formation of hemoglobin and its deficiency leads to anemia. Iron needs are doubled during pregnancy and it is virtually impossible to cover with dietary measures. Iron can be found in the following foods: in green vegetables and leafy blade: broccoli, watercress, kale, spinach, tomato in legumes (beans, broad beans, soybeans, chickpeas) and especially lentils. In, especially the pumpkin seeds. Mashable follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In the fresh fish, red meats (liver), egg. To consume a food rich in iron must do so with folic acid, this way the iron that is ingested takes advantage in its entirety.

Calcium: A mineral that intervenes in the ossification (bone formation) and the coagulation of the blood. An important transfer of maternal calcium to the fetus, which if it is not retrieved from the diet is mobilized from the bone tissue occurs during the third trimester maternal, which can have a negative effect in later stages of the life of the woman. rticle. There is some evidence that calcium deficiency determines greater risk of hypertension and preterm birth. Calcium can be found in the following foods: in dairy products such as yogurt, milk and cheeses. In green vegetables (cabbage, watercress, broccoli, chard, spinach). In the seeds. In the nuts; especially almonds, walnuts and pistachios. In all kinds of legumes, especially in chickpeas.

In fish; flounder, sardine, salmon. Some foods do calcium not be fully usable as cereals or tea (tannins). Thus milk should be single without tea or coffee and yogurts without cereals. ProteinasSon the main structural elements of the cells and tissues that make up the muscles and bones.