Northwestern University

The operation is complex and difficult. So the best alternative for many years was niche marketing, we removed the weight of identification, one to one. It was easy and still is today, to classify customers by segment: My product or service is geared toward men and women aged 15 to 60 years old, located in all urban centers in the country. Solved the problem. For all the same and tratemoslos ofertemosles alike. If some are dissatisfied or will, Achaeans can we do?. Like I did not even hear about are the ones who are going or why they do it.

Don E Schultz, marketing famous essayist and professor of Northwestern University, points out: Technology has done with the mass marketing and niche segments. This market is dead, but we refuse to bury him, because that's what we do . The mass marketing is and will forever. But the difference is marked by the identification of the customer relationship. Today's niche is the individual. To do this we must implement relationship marketing strategies, thanks to new information technologies, is now available to any company large or medium, even small, efficiently and intelligently managing databases of customers, from a contact system interactive. That is, from a modern call center or contact center. Why if no call center, the customer is bound to receive widespread treatment. Except in the rare event that the officer on duty, identify, know, recognize, differentiate and interact intelligently, the relationship is impersonal. A contact center need not be a large department with hundreds of booths, or expensive outsourcing.