New Platform Support

The new platform is presented as a meeting point for all those affected by the case Nueva Rumasa, a site where they may receive continuous information and enable them to be aware of the latest developments concerning this issue. From this website, the user will be fully informed of the latest news concerning this case, information will be carried out both the media and news provided by the members themselves who participate in this platform. Likewise, all those who have access to the platform will have different types of content related to this case which will help them to have more knowledge about their rights and obligations: from videos and documents to links, guides, and legal advice provided by legal experts and members of the platform. In addition, users may receive free advice from more than 2,000 lawyers, may arise to which any questions or queries relating to this topic, which will try to solve and give an answer to the different personal cases that raised them. This platform is also supported by a Twitter account and a Facebook page, from where all those who are affected by this case or simply people who want to express their support towards this group, may join, from which also be informed about the latest developments all his followers. This web is intended simply to bring together all those affected by the business crisis of the company Nueva Rumasa, and keep informed of all its members.