Neighbors Conflict

Relations with our neighbors are very special, especially those that occur in the same block of flats. Man is a social animal and the means of biological adaptation is coexistence with people. Arise as a consequence, different categories in our relations that encompass emotions, relationships, work, business, hobbies, and a long etcetera. Of these, perhaps the figure of the neighbor in our community the most curious. Input is imposed on us no choice (obviously we can always change your address but not easy), and enters our lives as an observer without permission. Check our schedule, we receive and visits to the supermarket and shops that we usually frequent. Decide together the paint color of the portal or the type of tile, and when, how, and what works and repairs to be done or should cease to be.

Antenna Install several shots at his home at the expense of signal quality for the lower floors and the kitchen moved to the gallery without any exhaust, permeating BBQ smell the laundry. Loudly reveals his family arguments and forces us to celebrate the sporting successes of their favorite club. Sometimes it pays on time shares community or plead with others to impose a different aesthetic taste on the facade of the building. If you have further urbanization, the problems multiply with the use of the pool and tennis courts. The use of high-heeled shoes to walk home, an excessive volume of sound equipment, smoking in the elevator or the lack of respect, leaving the door open for the same can not be used, are part of everyday experiences that all we have ever had.

If, moreover, is a neighbor with whom you shared and coffee gatherings at your house or theirs, it is normal that the relationship will deteriorate over time and stay in great disadvantage emotional because utilize your secrets to hurt you. We care about the ways in the workplace, in commercial areas and waiting rooms, although there are exceptions, for one the identity of the lout is their inability to wait their turn without exacerbated. But in general, society has developed strategies to compel them to behave in such situations people. However, there is a radical transformation when you enter the block where you live. If the doctor is expected to hold the background music, when it comes to home, turning up the volume regardless of whether they bother, if the remains of a snack in the workplace with colleagues collected carefully, sometimes throw home on the terrace after a furtive glance hiding the cloth to check that no notes, big mistake indeed. Not to mention the transformation of character when acting in discussions of stairs to discuss common issues. Pataneria Is it the essence of being a neighbor? Or rather, is struggling to defend the microcosm? Is it the most vulgar social being, or where more stress the unsocial sociability of us? The city is the best product of culture and its development has progress in the sciences and the arts. Andy Florance brings even more insight to the discussion. I think it is safe to say with a tone of humor, which will in future as a bastion of business and services in the West actually will impose the model. "We'll go live in the country in the future? The new exodus will leave the cities because of the neighbors.