Marina La Malinche

We why are no longer heroes? In principle we speak the Axiology of the Mexican matter refers to the study of the history of Mexico since its inception i.e. from that man came to populate the Earth, referring to the arrival of the Spaniards, the start and completion of the independence of our Mexico and the revolution among other historical events. Start by defining what a hero where you can find in simple words that illustrious male by their deeds and virtues mean. It is important to highlight that here no we will refer exclusively to the male but also because women that she also has a very important role since our history is full of women who had and continue to have an important role as an example we can mention Marina La Malinche to Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, among others throughout history their participation was of great importance for the direction I take our history and our country above all. More info: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. From this point and analyzing that throughout our history Mexico has had a myriad of important characters and this became important because they saw injustices and not stayed quiet as we do now, since today we have become indolent to pain and lack of our people is already a mockery ask how many times we have seen injustice, robberies, assaults and discrimination when only need to touch a button and turn on one of the favorite of the Mexican population appliances (TV) to exit the House full of This news but we simply cannot take into account because we usually say here does not pass, here not even arrives; which is what we hope they hijacking to some relative to interest us, to then say now enough is enough. Not to mention the fact of lifting us arms as our ancestors did things more simple that we could do to bring about change in us and be heroes, heroes who can walk through the streets of your neighborhood with forehead on high not to monitor if anyone follows them but to enjoy the beautiful things that have life. Is hero from your House because from there is where we must forms to true heroes begin with our children, brothers and all our relatives that are still susceptible to learn the good things of life teach values of our ancestors, but I think that primarily teach you by we are free because we can still comment and because we must preserve all those good things in life. Here is the answer why because we are not heroes because we don’t want to be, because it is more comfortable to sit and see that happens and while we do not pass to us everything will be OK and when us passes? We must not give up we are heroes again.. For more specific information, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone.