Laminated Veneer Lumber

Glued laminated timber material appeared on the market is not very long ago, but after such a short time, he became quite popular in the construction industry. What is the success of the popularity of this material? As we know, Finland is famous for for his works in wood, and is home to this natural material, laminated veneer lumber. The basic material for the production of laminated veneer lumber – a coniferous tree, in particular pine, because it has higher density that are ideal for wooden frame. Recently, the construction of the pine laminated veneer lumber demand, it is not surprising, given that this material is practically no shrinkage, drying, and also has good thermal performance. In any weather, the construction of the timber will be warm.

These factors listed above, make this material so popular and the construction of laminated veneer lumber is promising, not only in Europe but also in Russia. This material has a fine production technology, a process which uses modern technology. Selection and preparation of wood is the first step production. Here the tree carefully sorted and prepared, and if found wood with a natural defect, it is removed. After that, the logs are dried and cut into lamellae, individual boards.

These lamellae and are further material from which will be manufactured timber. Generally, moisture content of wood for the production of timber should not exceed 12%, so the post production blades, they must be dried to the required humidity, for that use kilns. This factor is very important because it affects the shrinkage processes of construction of laminated veneer lumber. After the end of drying, the material must be brought to a size suitable for operation, for which use gluing slats under high pressure and the pressure. The performance characteristics of this material please: reliability, durability, good thermal performance, a very weak effects of shrinkage and shrinkage, as well as short terms of construction, which is not unimportant. The construction of such buildings can be carried out in any situation at any time of year, but inside the house glued always supported the microclimate and constant air.