Geography Rains

We perceive that the climatic differentiation of the Northeast region is a little complicated, consisting of four systems of circulation that influence in the same climatic ratio and are called Insane Chain Systems of South, North, East and West. You may want to visit Robotics expert to increase your knowledge. Thus, the deriving chains of the South, consisting of the polar fronts arrive at the region in the spring and summer for the littoral extensions until the south of the Bahia causes to rains frontals and after-frontals, happening in the winter reaching until the coast of Pernambuco, while the Hinterland continues under high action of the tropical one. Already the beginning of insane chains of North, conceived for the Intertropical Convergence, they generate rains of the summer to the autumn until Pernambuco, in the outskirts of the Evenness of the Catherine. Inversely, the chains of East are more common in winter habitually they generate considerable rains in the coast, rare times arriving at scarps of Plateaus of the Borborema (800 m) and of the Chapada Diamantina (1,200 m). After that, the chain system of West, caused for the lines of Tropical Instability, happens since the ending of the spring until the start of the autumn, rare times reaching the states of the Piau and Maranho.

In this way, the winter months, mainly June and July, present minims between 12C and 16C in the coast, and basses in plateaus, being refined in 1C in the Chapada of the Diamantina after the entrance of a polar source. Soon the precipitation in the region is intricate for the anxiety source, being that its annual totals that if they modify of 2.000 mm until the inferiors 500 mm in the Evenness of the Catherine, between Bahia and Pernambuco, and in the depression of Ducks in the Paraba. In such way, that the annual average precipitation in the northeast region is low 1,000 mm, being that in Cabaceiras, interior of the Paraba, was written down the minimum analyzed annual pluviomtrico index already in Brazil, 278 mm/ano. Also, in the hinterland of this region, the rainy moment is, normally, of only two months in the year, capable, in few years until not having, causing the baptized regional droughts.