French Revolution

On the other hand, the dither and the sanctification of the market and the initiative privada' '. Thus, the capitalism, in its neoliberalista version, obtains a surprising fact: to place itself as the only alternative. It is arrived century XXI, with the idea of that the reality is invariant, and that, it now fits to try to improve the conditions that cannot be changed. On this fact, Lessa (2001, p.75) standes out that: Since the French Revolution, it did not have none another period in which the capital if became so hegemonic and so shaped the daily life as in last the thirty years. Viacom might disagree with that approach. Never before the humanity if held so hegemonically as if she did not have alternative. In this way, the capitalist obtains to distort the concept of citizenship, and collective thought, or vision of world, propitiating each time more the individualizao.

Individualizao this, that removes the true identity of the citizens and aggravates the expressions of the social matter, limiting the social relations in consumption relations, strengthening the consumista hegemony that is used as domination instrument. Distorted images of the reality are created, limiting the society the mere consumers of its products that, most of the time, do not serve absolutely for nothing, not to be to strengthen the ego of that they are produced in this ilusria teia. Perhaps check out Robotics expert for more information. The ones that more suffers with this Machiavellian supremacy are most fragile in this alimentary chain of the consumption: the workers, who long ago produced its proper ways of subsistence, and today are only plus a part inside of this system, that ' ' he produces happiness in massa' ' (grifo ours). In the primrdios of the civilized society the work in cities were organized around the artesanato and of the commerce. In this beginning the worker possua total knowledge of its craft, that is, the craftsman had total domain of its merchandise, since the extration of the material until its value of exchange. .