On the other hand, think of Facebook as a way to enter into trust with your potential subscribers. You’ll use it to cultivate potential customers, providing free information, strengthening their trust in you and then sending them to your collection or page advertising letter where you can make a purchase. Enter confidence generating confidence in Facebook starts with the content production constant in a page that is not your profile. Create a group or a page, uploading videos, notes and blog posts that provide added value for anyone who finds them. You can link your blog and mails autoresponders to your page or Facebook group, becoming another source of essential information. The real goal is to interact with your fans.

It is worth repeating that people on Facebook have desire to socialize. They want to hear from you, even if it is through a promotion. Why, ask questions in your source, answers questions on outside sources, adds images and looking for creative ways to interact with people to address the resulting traffic to the page where you will complete the sales. The last word on Facebook No I will tell you that it is Unable to make sales directly on Facebook. I have seen people who have done it for a while without negative consequences.

But let us be honest: Facebook has no intention of selling the products of its users. However, it serves very well as a platform to strengthen your brand and interact in a social way. If you really want to buy your products, generates trust through your Facebook page and then directs people to your site collection where you can take the decision to buy. Do not think as an additional step, but as a tool to capture more potential subscribers. Original author and source of the article