Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Diets

The quality of the Mediterranean diet is based on our wonderful olive oil. Their dietary and nutritional, properties are the most important oil but what type of oil is best? Here we show the most important features to make it quite clear. Energy Capital Partners has many thoughts on the issue. Not all Virgin olive oils are the same, there are better and worse, it depends on a long process from your collection to your grinding and packaging. Most importantly is the result if the olives are healthy and intact, washed and crushed the same day of the harvest to prevent its atrojamiento, low-temperature oil is extracted and moved to appropriate storage tanks get safely extra virgin olive oils or what is the same: pure juice of fresh and healthy olives, without that any aroma or flavor may distort the sensory qualities of the fresh olive green or ripe. For this reason, the label of an olive oil extra virgin or Virgin appears in the following legend: category olive oil superior obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical procedures.

Just a small loss of quality, either in olive or at any of the stages of the process, so that this oil will become Virgin. Samsung shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A great loss of quality will give us lampantes, unfit for consumption Virgin olive oils and that are necessarily refined. Calling all these oils Virgin, given that they have been obtained solely by mechanical procedures either by pressure or centrifugation and without the intervention of any chemical process. The classification of Virgin oils in these 4 categories (extra virgin, current and lampante) responds to a physical-chemical and sensory parameters set at the global level by the international olive oil Council. Chemical analysis measures the degree of acidity, peroxide index, and the absorbance in the ultraviolet (k). The sensory values and scores the organoleptic qualities. What difference is there between an extra virgin olive oil and a Virgin? Both they are a natural product and genuine olive juice.