Clunker – Not Only For Cars

The P2 consult from Unna introduces a scrapping premium for obsolete working methods and software solutions. ‘What are valid for cars can, can also apply to companies and your processes’, Golda Unna, February 2009 – the P2 consult from Unna introduces a scrapping premium for obsolete working methods and software solutions. What can apply to cars, can however also apply to companies and your processes, so the initiator Jurgen Golda. Now is the best time to prepare for the future and thus to provide his company with innovative solutions and methods. Secure your competitive advantage and reduce even your running costs. The cash for clunkers program is the first step in this direction. Gain insight and clarity with Columbia Admissions.

With the cash for clunkers, the Federal Government supports all efforts to stimulate the economy as well as to strengthen environmental protection. So to create a long-term assurance of existence. We want to achieve exactly this with our customers, says Jurgen Golda. It comes to take action, the certainly bring economic advantage, as in the long term to reduce operating costs and optimize. To succeed, the P2 consult has developed a concept which helps medium-sized companies to analyze well-rehearsed ways of working and to make improvements, so that the processes can be handled easier, faster and thus more cost-effectively.

Can be placed on the existing IT landscape and software environment or new techniques and solutions of the P2 consult, E.g. portal technologies, be taken back. Of course it must be worthwhile. Therefore, there is also a scrapping premium, which the customers will receive for this concept. We will create offers, which Leistungen are not circumcised, which are significantly cheaper by the premium, it is usually offered as”, Jurgen Golda promises. about P2 consult, the P2 consult has focused on the handling of data and documents. The improvement of the existing solutions in the enterprise as well as the extension by concrete Solutions brings you to have all the necessary information in the access effectively and quickly. This can be different from your competitors. We understand your business not as good as you, but for that we know all about business processes and their implementation.