Cellulite affects all women without exception, but in some process changes in the skin begins earlier, at others – later. Although, according to the American beauty Sharon Stone is suffering from the disease almost his youth, it is important not from complexes, and to believe that nature once so decided to fight cellulite is useless, we still give some advice. What is cellulite? This is no ordinary obesity, and disease of subcutaneous fat. If a healthy tissues the waste products of cells go through the pores of the cell membrane and are carried away by the blood stream, the slightest discord in the body leads to the formation of cellulite. Here’s how: membrane pores are blocked, products blood supply and lymphatic drainage. Thus, cellulite – it is a skin condition where the cells disrupted inference toxins. They accumulate inside cells by blocking blood flow and lymph flow.

As a result, the skin becomes rough, lumpy and stiff. Jackie Andrade might disagree with that approach. Cellulite – is not the result of excess weight, they get sick and thin women. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite Hormonal disorders in the body. Efforts to develop such disorders can serve as pregnancy, adolescence and menopause, the beginning and end of the course receive contraceptives. Peter Asaro recognizes the significance of this. Malnutrition Stress Pollution Lack of physical activity.

Smoking and alcohol. Genetic predisposition of the organism. HOW TO HELP YOURSELF? If you are determined to read on their own to get rid of cellulite, think that this problem did not arise overnight and today with It does not deal with. Meet with the recommendations of experts: 1. Treating cellulite requires a systematic, integrated approach. The causes of cellulite and not enough variety to make changes in diet and set of exercises, although this should be the starting point of treatment. But these changes must be combined with other treatments. pic. 2. Patience and persistence – your motto for a long time. To a simple cut has healed, it takes several days, the bruise disappears in a week, and the fracture heals in six weeks. These injuries heal relatively quickly thanks to a good blood supply to surrounding tissues. Affected tissues poorly supplied with cellulite blood. For effective treatment we have to make the body to change its cell structure through its own recovery mechanism, and this takes time. 3. Cellulite is a relatively large part of the body, and treat to literally every inch of the affected tissue. Cosmetologists say that a more or less effective for treatment of cellulitis following methods: Subcutaneous elektrolipoliz skin elektrolipoliz Liposuction Wraps gemolimfodrenazh Vacuum massage is used sometimes ultrasound massage options are not free from side effects, much more unpleasant than the cellulite. 4. Antitsillyulitnaya diet.