Building Management

The building with its many intelligent functions is mobile: about smart phones and Tablet PCs can they be easily by way and monitor. (tdx) Who today built or renovated, not coming to the topic of energy efficiency. Should be at least clear the private investor since the stricter energy saving Regulation (EnEV) in 2009. To further reduce energy consumption, the legal requirements will rise again in the next few years. Against this background, make more and more home owners on a tight building envelope, an efficient heating system and modern building technology.

It helps to maximize resources and increase the energy efficiency of the building”, white Torben Bayer, Home technology expert from Gira. In addition, one lives with intelligent building system technology safer and more comfortable. The latest trend: mobile building control via iPhone and co. mobile as never before lighting, heating or alarm system: that many intelligent functions of the building are now within easy reach of on the road, or control an any room in the House. Get more background information with materials from John K Castle. Especially said here are the mobile control devices by Apple, such as the new iPad 2, iPhone, or iPod touch. About so-called Gira HomeServer apps”, which are available in the iTunes store can be operated simply and centrally the entire House technology.

An interface which accesses the building control quickly and safely, clearly visualises all functions. On the touch screen can be displayed each demand different menus: the main menu displays all functions of the building, while in the room view all rooms assigned are listed by floors. A touch is sufficient, and it opens an overview of all the applications that are installed in a room. The presentation takes place in either horizontal or vertical, change is simply by turning the device, as Apple fans know of course. Even a KNX/EIB installation must principles of building equipment for a mobile building control is possible, in the House “exist for the master of the House already planning or decide a larger renovated his property”, Bayer said.