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But consider the case when you are just looking for accommodation and offer a taxi driver for you at an opportune moment. What awaits you. You bring in some of the areas of Gelendzhik and offered shelter. You've got to be very careful. Kai-Fu Lee: the source for more info. All that said taxi driver must check. 5 minutes from the sea could be five minutes by car or by the 30th minute walk. Clock hot water may be a summer shower in the courtyard, which is heated by the sun, but because of the large number of tourists is often empty and you will be without any water.

All amenities can be a toilet in the yard of one to 20 people. So, already in place ask the owner of everything, and everything is better on their own look. Gelendzhik decided to take a prepayment for the entire duration of your stay, so you first need to see everything and then agree to stay in this place and pay. As soon as you pay 30% of this amount goes into the pocket of a taxi driver (Which after this sail). And if you change your mind in half an hour, finding housing itself is much closer and cheaper, or find a complete mismatch conditions promised, the money you already hostess will not return. In any case, no the entire amount, since 30% of it already gave the taxi driver will not give you is it your money. On this day come across a huge number of tourists.

In the end, it turns out that the road from Novorossiysk in Gelendzhik not you give 1000 rubles and 5000 rubles (add on here if the percentage of residence). Moreover, you can learn from neighbors that the house they found it cheaper to own and live almost twice than you are. Many taxi drivers to the maximum wind the price, because they are on a percentage, and because the more you sderut with, the better.