Aging Beauty

Aging would not be so bad if I did not tell us at every encounter. As we hugged each other, to register the love handles on the other's waist, the flab on the arms and the collapse of her cheeks. We look to the face. Read more here: Andrew Schroepfer. After all, only saints find no pleasure in the wrinkles of their peers. They are not inexcusable sinners, we are checking to see how well we are holding. Estimating someone's age and deciding how well the person has aged tells us a lot. Look and feel younger than chronological age has increasingly becomes a yardstick of success.

The concern with age is a reality for our aging society quickly. It's part of our resume and as important as our employment records. We may be justified in our dismay at aging, even scientists are puzzled by the purpose of the process. Every biological event in the human body, from conception to puberty to maturity, has a purpose except aging. Aging does not make sense. Scientists are puzzled as to why mammals have much shorter life than the more primitive species. We do not live nearly as long as the Galapagos tortoise, but usually after it appears. Nowadays, researchers hunt for the gene that causes aging.

If found, it will seek a pill to clear it, as if it were a virus. They face an appalling task. A cell, the simplest form of life, is more complex than Mexico City, the largest city in the world.