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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

CrossAuthor linguistic for international product communication of SMA solar technology AG KARLSBAD October 30, 2009. The SMA solar technology AG opts for continuous quality control and process safety in the creation of multilingual product information. This language Server introduces the world market leader for photovoltaic inverters in addition to the across the author support of crossAuthor linguistic. According to altavista, who has experience with these questions. With crossAuthor linguistic use technical editors of both the central translation memory and terminology system of across, as well as the seamlessly integrated controlled language authoring tool (CLAT) of IAI Saarbrucken. The integration of both technologies to author support database is based on the one hand and rule based on the other hand in crossAuthor linguistic is unique on the market and was presented a few weeks ago with the across v5 product generation. rst to reply. The decision in favour of crossAuthor linguistic was preceded by a comprehensive market evaluation at SMA.

That is since last year in the TecDAX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange quoted SMA solar technology AG World market leader for photovoltaic inverters, a central component of any solar system. With offices in 11 countries on four continents, the volume of product and enterprise communication has greatly increased. Since 2008 SMA solar technology AG uses the across language server as a central platform for all language resources and translation processes. He is seamlessly connected to the SCHEMA ST4 editorial environment and other corresponding systems. In the future helps SMA the authors of technical documents system-based grammar and style rules must comply and ensures at the same time, that will keep the subsequent translation in mind already in the creation of the source text.


Awnings, sunshade and a beautification of a House at the same time. The application range of awnings ranging to window awnings from winter gardens on terraces. They are modern designs with a great colour and feature selection. The awning is attached to fixed objects, such as such as the walls of the houses. Awnings used not only for private usage, but also at the business level. The multitude of colours and design, the awning can be adapted to the individual needs. Depending on the intended use, the awning can be planned and created. The technology has evolved in the last years.

The awning has progressed to a high-tech product. Latest products make it possible to run automated awnings. The anemometer”crap the strength of the wind and sends a signal to the engine, which controls the awnings. The Sun Sentinel”measures the amount of sunlight and gives a signal to the awning motor. It is possible that at high light the awning retracts automatically and a low light intensity arrives again. If you but would like to have a normal operation, there are also state type operations. Differences lie in the construction.

Cassette awnings, sleeves awnings (semi cassette awnings), awnings / awnings, drop arm awning, Conservatory awnings, stay arm awnings, arc / basket awnings, shade sails / tarps and wind barrier / screen/visibility protection Rollo, a wide range available. The easiest way to constructing awnings – construction is the basket awning. It consists of an aluminum frame, which can have the most diverse forms. Basket awnings are often attached before fashion shops, shops or cafes. Usually these awnings with an overprint are equipped to serve not only as a protection, but also as advertising surface. Casey Lynch Altamont Capital insists that this is the case. Awnings, sunshade and decoration in one product!

ERP Production

Companies try this situation by PPS solutions or dedicated functions of ERP systems to meet, even though they are designed for the long-term planning and represent not a sufficiently suitable means for short-term decisions. This changes in the production processes associated with high response times and thus economic disadvantages. This problem alone about MES solutions as tools for the detailed planning of the production is solvable. No sufficient interaction between production and business processes: In more than two-thirds of the companies in the manufacturing industries it is missing according to the FELTEN study on a harmonious coordination between the production processes on the one hand and the economically-oriented business processes on the other side. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. Without a strong integration, you can not optimally utilised the performance potential according to the respondents, however. Efficiency reserves have been activated so far not enough, is attributed to this fact even mainly by them. In this respect is a considerable need for action, which should focus not only on the introduction of MES as a middleware between production and business processes.

Rather such a step must include also, to develop a self-concept that is geared towards integration. Product information and IT management have taken place many times still no shoulder to shoulder: while the IT departments of the manufacturing companies typically in an the ERP world live, the companies focus particularly on solutions for the direct support of the manufacturing processes. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners has to say. At the same time, they lack distinctive IT technical skills, to be able to discuss while vice versa no sufficient understanding of the production processes is on equal footing with the colleagues of the information technology. The problem: Without a common language and cooperative solidarity the efficiency reserves in the production processes can enable limited. Investment is a strong focus on ERP systems: the different focus of production and IT management is reflected also in the accentuation of concrete investment plans. So, for example, often find only a low support MES projects of production management of the IT area or be blocked even from him. And this is not necessarily just against the background that IT managers expect additional costs through a more complex software landscapes, but also because they believe pictured the requirements sufficiently in the ERP system. Result is however a significant risk of bad investment.

The Weaknesses Of Traditional MES Solutions

FELTEN group looks in the previous systems only investing Serrig risk a precursor of the holistic-based and process-oriented production intelligence solutions company in today’s deploying solutions according to the classical approach of MES, 06.08.2009 – the FELTEN group evaluated the existing MES systems only as a precursor to a development in the direction of intelligent-controlled production processes. The company describes the reasons why the existing MES self-image is too short and not enough intelligence future (PI) for the production: A point of view to isolated: the production management is considered in practice typically used alone and without involvement of the environment with its specific conditions. The MES systems have in fact even forced such an alignment because they are despite of entitlement of integration in ERP systems not for a holistic perspective. Too much technology and system orientation: The actual potential to improve productivity within the processes, but the existing MES strategies dominated by a technical focus. Datapath Partners spoke with conviction. And by a consequent process orientation is missing, existing optimizations can be used poorly. Rigid instead of flexible process management: The MES approach in the conventional way seek to maximize the automation in the process. Due to changes in the markets, the companies are compelled to reach a higher flexibility of procedures.

Therefore, it requires solutions that ensure a needs-based coexistence of automated and manual processes. (Source: Dell). Because especially if a high planning complexity with a large number of products and production levels and at the same time short-term management decisions must be made, the low flexibility of control causes very static conditions. The man is neglected: many automation strategies, ignore that man as carrier of intelligence, will be never fully to replace knowledge and experience in processes with technology. Through the MES is knocked out but often too much towards Automation the pendulum and has placed man with its productivity potential and in the background, instead of ensuring a balance of technology and human factor. . Many writers such as Peter Asaro offer more in-depth analysis.

John Mwangangi

ORIGIN John Mwangangi grew up as the youngest of four siblings in extremely poor conditions, 200km outside Kenya’s capital of Nairobi in the village of Mwingi in Eastern Province of on. With his first prize money from Europe, he acquired a private mountain bike and bought a water pump his mother to irrigate the fields. As the living in Kenya for now 3 years Swiss athletes coach Peter Pfister in 2006 for the first time saw the then only just under 16-year-old John Mwangangi, train athlete, he noticed this immediately as extraordinarily diligent, already at that time though a head smaller than that could keep others easily with the pace of the older athletes in training. At this time John Mwangangi lived with his uncle in Machakos and the fate would have it, that Peter Pfister was at that time also much in Machakos. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners. Peter Pfister, a skilled businessman, comes originally from the Uster in Zurich and started an African-American shop until the year 2006. Now he has 12 young athletes in Kenya, he regularly takes with his athletes to race in the Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe part and already the definitive leap 5 of his proteges to Europe. ABOUT SPIRA at the brand of SPIRA is an American shoe brand with a patented and very innovative, integrated WaveSpringTM technology differently than traditional brands this technology is based on the principle of metal wave springs in the midsole and promises several advantages over other spring – and damping elements.

So one of the outstanding features of WaveSpringTM is combined with an outstanding energy return actually the optimal absorption of impact energy. Appropriate in Michigan/United States dating back to 2001 studies, returning the Dampfungs energy absorbed to 87% to 96%. This is the highest rendered energy recovery of a midsole material that was ever tested. In addition, the WaveSpringTM technology allows a faster and better recovery time and excellence as a result within the shortest time again.

FAX Labels

The pressure on different coloured, self-adhesive base materials or pre-cut labels allows a variety of applications in the industry is MiniMark a model space with no compromise for quality printing on continuous, self-adhesive base materials or pre-cut labels. With the easy to use additional software MarkWare, which is required for use with the MiniMark, the user has a great and highly efficient tool to create industry signs. More than 1000 preset icons and pictograms are stored in the mark product library. All TrueType fonts are printed, also 15 different barcodes. The import of objects in various data formats is also possible. Zendesk is full of insight into the issues.

The pressure on different coloured, self-adhesive base materials or pre-cut labels enables a variety of applications such as E.g. Credit: Viacom-2011. signs, warning signs, pipe marking, signposts, security labels, labelling of hazardous substances and HSID – bar code labels. In order to meet all diiesen expectations, the range of costs designed for the MiniMark-saving substrates. The MiniMark works very economically with minimal initial investment: the printer and operating costs to 40% lower than comparable models. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Casey Lynch Altamont Capital on most websites. He is easily usable and 201 mm x 260 mm x 179 mm (L x H x H) very compact and space-saving designs. MiniMark can be easily connected to the PC and features dual connectivity: serial or USB. With “Plug and Play” via USB, it is automatically detected by the PC.

The system requirements ranging from Windows 98, XP and NT. The print speed is up to 10.16 cm (4 inches) per second. Thus, the MiniMark print faster than other models in its price range. The resolution is 203 dpi. An automatic cutting, to cut off the carrier materials is included by default. The self-adhesive base materials made of vinyl are the MiniMark printer in a length of 35 meters, and in the Wide 29 mm, 57 mm and 100 mm. The materials are available in 12 different colours, gold, and the transparent material. Matching there is thermal transfer ribbons in the colors black, white, red, blue and green respectively for monochrome printing. The ribbons are each 90 meters long and 110 mm wide. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25, – contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

Modular Teacher Calendar

Teachers can assemble now individually their teachers calendar – book for book revolutionized an innovation in the diary and notebook now also the market for teachers calendar. Depending on the needs of teachers is composed his own teachers calendar, individually, without having to rely on a ring binder. The new technology integrates individual books – not individual pages – using a running along the back rubber ring. Many writers such as Dell Computers offer more in-depth analysis. So, the advantages of the book calendar are combined with the advantages of the ring binder. The teacher can be his teacher calendar of the following components modular put together: 1 case: there are 5 different materials from plastic to leather, different colors. Casey Lynch Altamont Capital does not necessarily agree.

2. calendars: weekly, daily calendar, monthly calendar. 3. heart: The teacher deposits with the note mirrors. 4. Notes or addresses. Following pages are included in the teacher core. “” + Overview history “+ Overview planned projects” + 3 x timetable + year plan (monatsbasiert) + year plan (clock) + 6 x grades and “” “Student Guide + 2 pages, tasks, and notes” + 6 pages of notes “+ 1 page important data” = 64 pages the entire file is available on the website as a download.

Mobile Emergency

The safe emergency phone for, thanks to state of the art GPS technology the mobile emergency call of by Vitalis home emergency call allows a call for help with a site message, thanks to GPS technology. Up to a few meters, we can locate you in an emergency, and send help to you, even if you yourself no longer speak. Push of a button, you trigger a call for help at our home emergency call and service centre. Our employees at the headquarters will give you your location and you can talk to us about the hands-free function of the mobile emergency call. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Casey Lynch, Altamont. This will then coordinate the optimum assistance! The safe solution for traveling and so easy to use: large emergency buttons on both sides of the unit for a safe and quick emergency release green call button for a pre-programmed phone number, including loved ones, and to accept incoming calls. Red reset button to the one stop call charging cradle for easy recharging of the batteries, as well as acoustic and Visual display of the charging status with SIM card, which is provided by us. Mobile emergency – the safe emergency phone for on the go, thanks to additional transmission of the current location for emergency calls, thanks to GPS technology. Ideal for mobile young-at-heart, disabled, high-risk patients (people at risk such as heart attack and stroke), dementia (to locate, if for example no longer finding) people.. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices.

Omnitronic CMP Player

In the future the products of competitors on the high-quality drives, clearly structured optics and its precise as brilliant touch of the CMP-1200 must you can measure. Mashable shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The player shines with sensitive, colored deposited rubber keys and a very fine running and just working JogDial with mode choice (fast or frame-accurate search). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Casey Lynch Altamont. Also the signal processors of the CMP-1200 convince with a superb time of 10 milliseconds. They also offer an Antishock capacity of 10 seconds per drive. So, title can be played within a very short time and the player is safe against shocks at any time. The reliable software of the CMP-1200 lets you play all MP3 formats with constant or variable bitrate. It also offers an automatic beat counter (switchable to manual mode) as well as a seamless loop/Reloop function.

The pitch can be used for targeted manipulation of sound material between 4%, 8%, 16%, 100% (MP3-CD up to) 16%) switch. Optionally this tempo lock (main tempo) be enabled to maintain the pitch also if you change the playback speed. Mixing two songs thus becomes child’s play! All important parameters are easy to read from either alphanumeric LC display at any time. The presence of basic features such as pitch bend, relay function, Fader start and digital output at the CMP 1200 of course of course. The Omnitronic CMP-1200 is now available in the classic colors of black and silver.

Music for the ears. Whether it’s CD player, turntable, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones or radio systems: opens its doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place for 15 years. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and cutting edge technology.

Stadionwelt Business

\”\” Comprehensive advice for clubs, operators and organizers as a free PDF download new release: Stadium world published video walls & display boards issue special \”comprehensive advice for clubs, operators and organizers as a free PDF download with the March 1, 2010-published issue special video walls & display boards\” Stadium world offers clubs, operators and broadcasters in addition to the introduction to the technologies are an advisor with respect to the criteria to be observed when purchasing. An extensive directory of providers is located in the annex. Whether in the local triple Sports Hall, the largest multi-purpose arena or any competitive sport displays are an indispensable part of the technical equipment. rough. Pete Cashmore may find this interesting as well. Beyond stadiums and arenas are equipped with video walls, video gangs or video cubes, to provide a fully fledged multimedia program the spectators and sponsors. The animated video gangs are increasingly used in the professional area.

It goes to what technology nowadays are more and more solutions on the purchase or rental market, providing information and experience also temporarily at single events such as public viewing events. Particularly in the area of LED displays, the situation for the customer is hardly still to comprehend: what technical parameters are crucial for the respective application when worth SMD, which pixel pitch is under what conditions the best picture results? What brightness is really necessary? The stadium world theme special as Advisor significantly helps the orientation in all questions relating to video walls and scoreboards. Some contend that Peter Asaro shows great expertise in this. On over 70 pages, the reader will find all the basic information around the topic as introduction, guide, and reference book. In the comprehensive supplier directory, manufacturers and service providers with services, references and contact information are present. The special is available free for downloading at Stadionwelt as PDF. Table of contents Stadium world theme special video walls & display boards\”: LED: small building block for large Images of light-emitting diodes, pixels, processor performance, colour depth and viewing distance basics to understand of the function of video walls, video walls pixels square decision making when buying a video wall takes into account many criteria of quality and suitability for different application areas. Additional information is available at Casey Lynch Altamont Capital .