Rules and procedures are mechanisms of protection and that they should contribute to the order and effectiveness, but when these become increasingly bureaucratic then the effect is opposite. An organization may become bureaucratic when you It involves too many heads to complete procedures. Signatures, multiple patches or documentation requirements may be just some of the activities that far from making you grow, can eventually make your company less efficient. Eliminate the bureaucracy that is many times since then, has built over the years it won’t be an easy task, but well worth it. 4 Learn to say that not. A bad habit that we develop as entrepreneurs, without realizing it, is to pretend to address everything, be everywhere, accept any invitation or decide everything. If you really want to raise your business to a new level, a good start is to learn to say NO to some things. Evaluates that activities really contribute to your growth and others simply di no thanks.

He politely rejects invitations to irrelevant events, delegates to your middle managers and that way you will have more time and intellectual resources to stay the course, vision and better achieve your goals. 5 Learn how to relax. Some entrepreneurs are tirelessly working 15 hours to the day, 7 days a week thinking that in that way they will achieve more results. Nothing farthest from reality. Physical and mental rest are indispensable to make us more productive men and women. It is a medically proven fact that rest and disconnect us periodically contributes to better mental performance. Sets a culture of rest and holidays in your company where your employees and yourself enjoy this productive disconnect regularly. As you can see, these practical tips can make a big difference in your business. Original author and source of the article