This becomes the man a species of messenger of the being, that announces a message without never finishing it or understanding it fully. A messenger who many times remains deaf to it I appeal the Being, that of its silence convokes us to be rank in question again. From the tradition humanist and metaphysics it was consolidated definition man Greek as animal rational. The reason becomes the rational man, that is, capable to discourse on the things from a measure. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as GoPro by clicking through. The reality in its all, seen in the measure of the reason, is what it was stipulated to call world. However, but world is a constituent ontolgico of the man as be-knot-world. The world is not the mere physical and geographic space inside of which if it would find the man.

As constituent structure of the proper one to be of the man, the world emerges as phenomenon, as a complex of significaes constituted in the occupations and daily concerns of this be-knot-world. We can infer, therefore, that it does not have world without existence human being, nor existence human being without world. However, this man through the language and of the objetifica thought the reality, ahead imposes the norms and principles of the language and the logic to the data, taking itself as subject of a redutvel object to the representation. The fondness to reduce everything to the Citizen (Subjetivismo) or the Object (Objetivismo) does not respect main – the not subject and not-object, the imponderable one that it allows the man to say to know in the Citizen-Object project. At last, the impensado one and not saying for backwards of all thought and said. From this previous characterization of the essence human being, we can place some, such as: Where measure the theory of the information and the control Cybernetics promotes the instrumentalizao of the language by means of the radicalization of the mathematical project of nature carried through for modern science, thus propitiating the death of the desire of filosofar and the end of the proper philosophy in the objectified world of the calculation? That relation this instrumentalizao of the language possesss with the death of the desire of filosofar and the end of the philosophy by means of its accomplishment in tecnizadas sciences? The philosophy, at the same moment of its end, will be able to demonstrate some effectiveness to revert or to surpass the planetary domain of the technique and the calculating thought? Yes, the philosopher Martin Heidegger would answer, but not more as philosophy, but as after-Metaphysical thought that thinks from the enigma of the being and the proper man for itself exactly.