Month: October 2020

University Of Carabobo Transformation Requires More Proactive

To accomplish great undertakings must live as if they never die Vauvenargues Marquis of national universities, especially those that concern us, such as the University of Carabobo, starts this new year 2009 with new authorities, with a new young leadership, lawyer, Jessy dives, which must deal with wisdom, dedication, commitment, education management to recover the academic excellence that has been lost in college for some time, give way to changes, changes that allow many faculties, Schools redefine the professional profile that the country needs, especially in a scenario that requires a new academic leadership that way for a new generation, to rescue the Academic College, training, training professionals with the knowledge that science has generated in recent years.

We can not continue under the leadership style of a very figurative for many years has been anchored in the university, where academic leaders have disappeared, students, teachers capable of addressing the major challenges that have emerged on the national stage, the result of government actions has led to a scenario turbulent, uncertain, risky, but with great opportunities for knowledge of the university will do this, actively involved with the programs, actions that have wanted to take and require the consensus of a population to interpret its scope, impact. Dual SIM may not feel the same. It takes a college more participatory, proactive, not only in transforming its administrative, financial, academic, but more inserted in the political, economic, education in the country, collaborating on solving problems that have arisen, as well as provide solutions, models according to the national reality that allows the transit country on the path of development, to ensure the Venezuelan quality of life according to their rights and administration of the riches that the country has.. .

A Good Photograph

Many times we complain that the photos do not always go as one wants and that ruins the photo below some tips. Recently altavista sought to clarify these questions. Photo must be natural and not force, should darseel moment and seize it, always should be aware not to lose the moment, should I care much focus and angle not so much tomarlafoto for taking it, but do look the scene, adopt an elegant but unforced, position that feels natural, to photograph an animal is more difficult here is where patience comes, debs not force alanimal to do so you must take it at the right time when you click the position desired, for landscapes is a bit more difficult that must find an exact point to take the photo, for example if they will take the picture at a landscape should be taken as referenica at least a tree or something in what the image centrelas mejores fotos sese daran has focused are still object in the Center located far away, whether it is a flower in the distance, a shrub, a waterfall, whatever. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Toshiba. The camera does not matter much only in the quality of the picture when it comes to print it or take it that blurry but if seseguira seeing great that cuandote fotoesahi das account that was a good photo, if you are a photographer always carries a camera with you never known when daran moments, you can try to create as the moment in a natural way a professional photographer put a very juicy flower, I hope with your camera sitting all day until I get a hummingbird sucking nectar from the flowerThis man took the photo and it was lamejor all of a photo contest, so how we can try to create a special moment in a natural way and they look good..